About us

Gizra Internet Solutions Ltd., formed in 2009 and incorporated in the U.S. as Gizra USA, LLC in 2015, is a fast-growing international software development company with an extensive track record in site building and implementation of content management systems. Known among its clients as an efficient executor of complex web solutions, Gizra is experienced in agile and continuous deployment and is a pioneer in Drupal development and other bleeding-edge projects.

What Makes Us Different

Gizra has developed a unique work methodology called The Gizra Way. It is a culmination of best practices, lessons learned, and open-source philosophy that is incorporated into our project workflow, saving our clients money and ensuring the timely delivery of a product. The satisfaction of our clients is found not only in the excellence of their web solution, but in the way we get there.

The Gizra Way

True Transparency

Our clients have full access to a detailed breakdown of the project tasks, the code repositories, and task-tracking system. This means that the our time management, internal communications and actions are in full view to the client. We like it this way because it fosters an environment of collaboration and accountability.

Effective Communication

With budget goggles, we create a common language and set expectations early on. Our clients are encouraged to participate fully in the development process, interacting directly with developers of all levels. All stakeholders stay up to date on progress, and decision making occurs in real time according to the client’s needs and priorities.

Meticulous Execution

A complete deployment and testing system is built into our projects from day one, growing as the code does. We use Shoov, a Gizra developed testing toolkit, which ensures design is optimal from visual, interaction, and technical standpoints. The final design is completed with pixel-perfect implementation.

Investment in Human Assets & Community

We invest in our employees and the wider community through a diligent mentorship program, in-house mechanisms for continuous improvement, and regular contributions to Open Source projects. As pioneers in the Drupal community we regularly present at DrupalCon and DrupalCamp conferences worldwide.