23 Nov 2015
| is live!

Nice, right? Planet Elm and its RSS feed is up and running - just grab it, and the best Elm related posts would appear in your favorite RSS reader.

I felt the need for such a site the day I started with Elm. Getting the Gizra devs to build it was the next logical thing.

Having this main site as a central place for aggregating all the interesting content about Elm is yet another step in getting Elm into the mainstream.

If you maintain your own blog, go ahead, and submit your RSS feeds.

19 Nov 2015

The vast majority of our projects at Gizra use Bootstrap for layout. We spend a lot of time and effort creating the perfect responsive layout and UX across all breakpoints. As Bootstrap comes by default with four breaking points, we naturally implemented them all, until we started asking ourself:

Q: Is responsive really needed?
A: Yes, Of course.

Q: Do we always need so many breakpoints?
A: No. Or, to say it differently: Yes. But not necessarily immediately.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not against responsive design. I'm just saying each breakpoint has an impact on the project length and budget. It's up to us to help the client decide how many breakpoints are right for them. As you know, Bootstrap can have custom breakpoints.

Bootstrap default layout VS Bootstrap custom layout
05 Nov 2015

As part of our adoption of Elm in production, Gizra devs are learning and practicing their Elm skills.

After they are done going over the existing videos/tutorials, we let them get their hands dirty. elm-hedley was created just for that - to simulate a simple yet typical web app with login, RESTful, etc.

Here's the existing app. As you see each event appears as a clickable link.

The challenge is to add a counter next to each event label that increments when clicked. When you refresh the page (F5) it shouldn't remember the previous clicks and should start back at 0.

In short, it should look like this (notice the bottom left list):

Go ahead, fork the repo and try for yourself. And don't peek below, as it has the answer!


05 Nov 2015

I believe it's safe to say that Decoupled Drupal is here to stay. Back in DrupalCon Los Angeles my good friend Josh Koenig from Pantheon and I teamed up to share our experience with it.

Josh asked me if I could do the presentation with him and I immediately agreed, as Josh is an awesome presenter and I knew it's going to be fun. My answer, if I recall correctly, was:

If the session gets selected it will need to be partially weird. And you might need to grow a mustache for that.

He didn't grow a mustache. But it was fun and full of energy. And it has a lot of very pragmatic tips, such as Headless Drupal is a terrible idea!

Anyway, enough text - here is the video:

22 Oct 2015

In my last post I was giving a high level overview of why we were looking at Elm in Gizra. Since that post, we've almost completed the demo app, and we've changed our status from "Looking at Elm" to "Choosing Elm".

The reason? In short - I believe it will save us money.
(Oh, and it's fun)