Are We a Good Fit for Each Other?

In a web project, we believe that fit matters. If we fit, beautiful things happen.

You’ve been down this road before.

You have learned that there are a range of possible outcomes, and even though the project launched, the end result didn’t quite hit the mark. It's probably because of one of the following: 1. it wasn't on time, 2. it wasn't within budget, or 3. the users weren't happy.

There is another way.

Why would you compromise? You don’t need to accept that project work is imperfect, that cost and time overruns are inevitable, and that your users can’t be totally happy. Our approach — called “The Gizra Way” — cuts through the nonsense and uses simple, but radical tools to bring you a successful project. Projects can be on time, within budget and yes, even with happy users.

Projects can be on time, within budget and yes, even with happy users.

Does our approach work for you?

1 Understand your mission

Whether you deliver a product or serve a cause, your company or organization exists for a purpose. We want to understand that purpose to get to the core value that you want to create.

2 Realize the project goals

Your project applies a solution to a need. Before we even really get started, we’ll help you articulate and focus that solution so that we don’t waste valuable resources on things you don’t need.

3 Apply budget goggles

With budget goggles, we breakdown your project into time-boxed deliverables no larger than 12 hours - each with an attached deadline and cost. We turn the process on it’s head by creating a common language and setting expectations early on.

4 Continue in partnership

With a strong foundation built upon clear expectations, vetted priorities, and open communication, we’ll be your partner on this project. We have your back.

Do you see a fit? If yes, let's talk.