Services We Provide

Drupal CMS Development

From its establishment, Gizra has been a pioneer in the Drupal CMS field where it is responsible for developing key modules for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8, including Organic Groups, Message Stack, Entity Reference, and RESTful.

Consultation and Partnership

Our expertise and The Gizra Way process can give you an edge in rethinking your web projects. From discovery and definition, to maintaining a stable web product, we can be your partner at every step.

User Experience and Design

We are a technology company, but people are at the center of our universe. We definitely get excited about the tools that we use, but they all serve a singular purpose: to engage a user in an experience with your content.

Open Source Development

Drupal is not the only open source tool in our toolbox. We are also creative users of and active participants in the communities for projects such as Symfony, AngularJS, Jekyll, and Elm.

Gizra Alpha Products

Gizra Alpha, a subsidiary company, applies the tools and methodologies developed by Gizra to creating new products and companies, in partnership with domain experts who identified a specific market need.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Gizra has partnered with many types of companies and organizations, from startups to worldwide government bodies. Our expertise has provided specific knowledge in education, staffing & recruitment, and web security.

Our Core Strengths

Complex Content Management Systems

Our technical expertise as pioneers and core contributors in the code that makes the most complex content management tasks happen, matched with The Gizra Way provides us with a great advantage when approaching and implementing complex CMS projects. We partner with our clients to develop a solution that answers their needs: to manage, edit, manipulate, and display a large amount of content on their site; to interact with their users; to access-level permissions and complicated workflows.

Lean Demonstration of a Product Idea

Proof of Concept (POC) I Prototype I Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

We begin working with you before the scope is even defined. The uncertainty and inherent risk is immediately addressed by first timeboxing at the project-wide level. Web-based product ideas can be demonstrated within 3-4 months of development and with 1-3 developers which is easily translated into a budget range. With this anchor, you can move forward confidently with your project.

Case Studies

Human Resources

Casa Del Lector Exhibit

The National Library of Israel commissioned Gizra to create a virtual exhibition for the Madrid museum's exhibit on Jewish memory.


Gizra has built beautiful and elegant web solutions for clients ranging from the world's largest organizations to the leanest startups. Talk to us about your project.