We Build Websites

Everybody tells us that people won’t read this. They will enter the site, see mostly text, and move on.

Maybe they’re right. But we think it’s not that people don’t want to read; rather they don’t want to read boring, meaningless marketing copy.

So how about this - your problem is not a technology one. That’s surprising coming from a technology company, right? But it’s true. It’s not about having a responsive design, or an add to cart, or some fancy feature. It’s about what is needed to support your goals - how you define success and measure it.

Let’s be honest, most IT projects fail - they don’t meet the deadline, they exceed the budget, and no one seems to be pleased. If this were a one-on-one meeting, this is the point in our pitch where we would look into your eyes and search for that spark of understanding. Some have it, some don’t. If you are still reading this, it’s safe to assume you know what we are talking about.

It’s 2018. We’re in an age where things are moving really fast. No one will wait nine months for you. Heck, we’d argue that no one will wait nine minutes. So you need to get it out there. Fast. And get real feedback from real people. Fast.

Forget those long specifications; forget those over-engineered features before there’s even a single user; forget those old fashioned work methods that just add bureaucracy, but don’t guarantee results.

We care only about the results. We’ve failed many times. Way too many times. But we have also had our good share of success. You see, this is not in theory, it’s about experience and the constant understanding that “there must be a better way.” And it’s working for Harvard University, the EU, the UN, and many other startups and NGOs. If you are ready to take this path with us, it will work for you.

Sure, we’re not your typical web development agency. When we partner with you, it’s not just as developers, but rather as business technologists. We’re committed to one thing - making your project successful, so our relationship with you lasts for many years.

Once you contact us, we will know how to guide you in this process. We’ve done it many times. But this first crucial step of contacting us is in your hands.