The About Story

Your business is in deep mud. Not just metaphorically speaking, but for real. The building's very foundations have started sinking in slime. Best case scenario: your contractor actually takes responsibility for the mess and doesn't evaporate into thin air, but he is still at a loss. Yes, he has heard about such cases, but has no idea what to do about it. He knows how to construct buildings, but has no idea how to pull them out of the mud. He tries to joke about it, but you are hardly in the mood.

You start sustaining losses. One thing's for sure: you haven't much time. You must decide quickly. You wake up each morning and go through the few options you have left. Actually, the option of letting the entire building sink into the mud sounds rather attractive this morning. What the hell, the entire area seems to lie on one big bog. In fact, you have seen endless neighboring buildings come down, so what on earth made you think it couldn't happen to you? But that damned inner voice of yours doesn't let you give up. Not just yet, anyway.

Gizra – We Design and Build Websites

We are probably not your typical design & development agency. But if you made it this far, there is a good chance we could be a good fit.

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