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Amitai Burstein
Nov 21, 2019

Why We Chose Plain Text Accounting with Hledger

hledger for better, and version controlled, accounting
Áron Novák
Nov 15, 2019

Web Scraping: A Bit of Black Magic

Scraping from the web in practice: a recipe based on Drupal 8, Goutte and Feeds.
Amitai Burstein
Oct 18, 2019

(Organic) Groups in Four Voices

Group functionality as told by four Drupal module maintainers.
Amitai Burstein
Jul 2, 2019

elm-fetch, and Easier HTTP Requests to Reason with

How to think about the relation between your model to HTTP fetching in the same manner you think about the relation between your model and the view function
Áron Novák
Jun 12, 2019

Tools with Friendly Learning Curve: ddev

Just start it: ddev for local Drupal development
Áron Novák
Feb 25, 2019

Do-It-Yourself Stress Testing

Do-it-yourself stress testing - fully flexible and realistic.
Amitai Burstein
Oct 26, 2018

4 Million Euros in 5 Days, with Elm and Drupal

The failure and success stories of how we sold 4 million Euros worth of stamps with Elm and Drupal.
Mariano D'Agostino
Jul 31, 2018

WebdriverIO Tests with Multiple Browsers

Testing scenarios with different access permission can be more easily achieved using multiple browsers with webdriverIO.
Efrat Nitzan
Jul 3, 2018

Ok, Computers OR My journey to becoming the Executive Director of Gizra

Seeking creativity, learning from failures, and finding passion in what I do.
Mariano D'Agostino
Jul 2, 2018

Using JSON API with WebdriverIO Tests

How you can leverage JSON api to get the information you need for your browser tests in some non-standard situations.
David Hernandez
Jun 12, 2018

How We Work in Gizra

The Gizra Way always sounded a bit esoteric to me, so I did an investigation to see how different people in the company apply it in their daily jobs.
Orit Geron
May 28, 2018

The Evolution of a Company: Our Journey to Becoming Distributed

What happens when a company becomes Distributed? A journey through a unique perspective of an HR and Operations Director.