I’m back from Drupalcamp Athens. When I met Nektarios Sylligardakis and George Papadongonas in Copenhagen they told me Greece was a Joomla country and Drupal wasn’t well known, so my expectations were not very high. That’s why I was so surprised. Not only did I find a large and warm community, but I found myself waiting for the presentations to start so I could learn new things.

Since my Greek sucks, and since they understood that their presentations can have an appeal world-wide, most of the people gave the presentations in English. Varnish, Cloud computing, Security issues, Crazy clients with crazy demands and even crazier implementations were some of the topics. Not all movies have been uploaded yet, but here are at least some of them. It’s worth watching.

Although my stay was very short I still had the chance to see the Acropolis a la Robert Douglass style. This means storming out of the hotel - because my presentation starts in less than two hours - jumping inside a taxi, checking out every spot really quickly, taking a photo or two, back in the taxi, and we’re back. It was much fun!

Here is my own presentation about Organic groups for Drupal 7. I think it is a good introduction for those who still try to understand the concept of Entity and Fields and how it changes the way we approach a task in Drupal 7.