What’s the name of the Angular component for login?

The difficulties in creating a semi or fully decoupled site isn’t in the RESTful part. Spitting out JSON is now covered by several modules, including RESTful which aims for a “best practices” solution.

One of the real problems, though, is how to prevent us, the community, from re-inventing the wheel over and over again. Basically, how do we package our frontend code similarly to how we package our generic backend code - AKA “modules”. I discussed these problems, and offered some solutions in my “BoF” presentation:

What’s next, and why you should care

RESTful is constantly being improved, with solving real use cases always on our mind. Mateu Aguil√≥ Bosch has recently worked and polished the “data provider” functionality. RESTful now allows you to easily expose different data providers, be it your entities using EFQ, your variables table using a simple DB query, or your Solr instance using a Search API data provider. Exposing your access controlled Solr search to your web app, has just become significantly easier - stay tuned for new updates in this space.

Also, wouldn’t it be cool if your fully decoupled Angular app also supported Angular-based content administration? It’s called ng-admin and it’s doing some serious heavy lifting so we don’t have to.

You know what would be even better? If one wouldn’t even need to configure ng-admin at all, and it would use the OPTIONS method to discover allowed methods and get info about fields (e.g. required, type, allowed value, etc’). Jump into the issue queue, of RESTful or ng-admin, and help make this a reality - in a standardized way that everybody can enjoy!

Even if you don’t care about RESTful for some reason (hard to imagine), it’s worth looking at - not many modules follow such a strict TDD (Test Driven Development).

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