If you’re excited about this, you are most likely a developer - so here’s the code.

If this data looks familiar to you, it might be because it’s the same data you see via [Hedley’s]({{ site.url }}/content/yo-hedley/) Angular client.

Same data pulled into an Angular app

The demo is heavily based on the blessed-contrib repository by Yaron Naveh, with some notable changes:

  • No dummy data! All the data that you see in the terminal is real, and is being pulled from a real Drupal server with the data exposed via RESTful.
  • We are using RamdaJs to iterate over the arrays and objects (This repository was a good excuse to practice our functional programming).
  • Inquirer library was used to gather the data from the user.

By default, the demo uses the Hedley demo hosted on Pantheon, but you can easily yo hedley on your local, and set the URL to your local server. This will also let you change the geolocation of the events and see them change on the map in real-time!

So What?

Honestly, I don’t know. Are there real life uses for such a dashboard? Maybe. All I know is that exercises like that help re-think our solutions. For us web developers, consuming the data not by a browser surely opens the door for some radical new solutions.

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