You might have already heard, that Moshe Weitzman has handed over Organic groups to me. It’s fun and scary at the same time.

It’s is now time for some community “tough love” - OG7 needs reviews. Before people start diving into the code, you should realize that OG has changed and its concept has been polished and can be summarized into one line:

OG brings roles and permissions to the _group level.

While porting to Drupal 7 I tried to bring OG to be up to date with all the new standards. Old timers in OG might be a bit disoriented at first, but remember OG is just trying to copy Drupal in the look and feel.

Development has been done on github, and I have created a new CVS release. If you find any issue please report them on OG’s issue queue. For some overview you can also read this issue.

Let’s make OG7 the best release ever!