Wait, what? Did you actually think I’m going to be in a DrupalCon without giving a presentation? Oh, the fact that my session was not selected made you think that. I see. I can understand how that could have caused the confusion.

So the thing is that I have a presentation titled “The Gizra Way” that I’ve been giving for the past year all over Israel, and recently in DrupalCamp Spain. Reactions were pretty good.

We are still looking for a place to do it. Maybe in a BoF room. Or in the staircase. Or a bar near the hotel. And you know what? I’m really excited about this idea. It feels like I’m preparing for the unplugged version of my show. Anyway, we’ll tweet the time and location once we find the place.

Now, as usual, here is my list of random thoughts about DrupalCons:

  • DrupalCons are just awesome from every perspective: social, business, knowledge. If you have a chance to come, don’t miss it!
  • I do wish that in the closing session they won’t go over every item in the budget. We get it, we used a lot of internet.
  • If you are a presenter, start practicing. No excuses - people are coming from all over the world to hear your presentation. Make it count. Also, if you try to show lots of lines of code in your slide then: a) You will lose most of your audience b) The folks in the back can’t read it. So just drop this slide, and think how to make it more engaging.
  • If you are a first timer don’t feel bad if you miss some sessions. The sessions are only a small part of the experience - it’s meeting people in the corridors what keeps us old timer for so long in the community.
  • That group you see me with, and you are reluctant to approach since we look like such old friends? We probably met each other for the first time last DrupalCon, or maybe an hour ago. Don’t be shy, say hello. We are on our way to a Sushi place, and you joining us would be perfect.
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