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Jobs with Gizra

Gizra is a 25+ person company, founded in central Tel Aviv with a distibuted workforce around the globe. We all say "Good Morning" to each other, and it happens all day long.

We work solely with Open Source technologies, and some of our products are themselves released as Open Source. Our contributions help power some of the largest websites in the world like The Economist, MSNBC and others. Among our clients are Harvard Universityand various agencies of the United Nations, as well as lots of smaller companies and non profits doing interesting and important work.

It's important to us to work on interesting projects, with advanced technologies and clients who see us as partners. In particular we love projects that challenge us to figure out new stuff - technology and otherwise - and we look for people with a similar mindset.

We're looking for curious and passionate people, who can get things done - and understand that in a small company no task is below or above anyone. Formal education is not required, a GitHub account is. Most of our work is in Drupal, PHP and Elm.

Jobs Available

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