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Senior Elm Developer

About the Job

  • Location: Remote
  • Skill Level: Senior/Expert
  • Type: Full Time - contract

Gizra is a 25+ person company, founded in Tel Aviv, Israel with a distributed workforce around the globe. We all say "Good Morning" to each other, and it happens all day long.

We prefer interesting projects, with people and organizations who see us as partners. Who doesn’t, right? But we’re lucky that it’s more often the case than not. Our client list ranges from very (very) large NGOs to smaller companies and nonprofits doing interesting and important work — most of them are trying to do some good in the world. Our stack is mostly Open Source technologies (Drupal and Elm, in particular) and our contributions help power some of the largest websites around.

We're looking for curious and dedicated people to be a leader on a team of leaders.

You may be a fit if:

  • You don’t know all the answers, but you know how to find them.
  • You like to work hard, but you like to finish your work and go home too.
  • You see tasks through to completion, but aren’t afraid to ask for help when you’re stuck.
  • You work well with others, but you’re also disciplined enough to work alone.


  • Elm experience - we’re not strict on the number of years or the number of commits, but it’s a senior position, so you should know your way around. Community contributions are a big plus.
  • PHP/ Drupal & CSS skills - “full stack” is a meaningless term, but our senior developers can handle tasks on the frontend and the backend. We appreciate your specialized skills, but we also love your flexibility.
  • Solid communications skills in English - we work remotely around the globe, but our common tongue is English and developers work and communicate in full view of and often with clients.

Nice to have

  • Experience working on a distributed team, with knowledge of the habits that make for good distributed work - maybe you can teach us some.
  • Certifications are nice and CS education might be cool, but a GitHub profile full of code is better. You should have some evidence of your expertise.
  • Experience with “decoupled” Drupal - our tech stack is Elm and Drupal. Experience in decoupled architecture is a plus.

Showing off

A single item sold for over 1.2M Euro, in our Drupal & Elm webapp for Auctions houses.


To apply, send your CV, a short introduction and link(s) to code examples to [email protected]