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It’s obvious that all of the preparations that were made when you were still down below are not relevant. They went on and on about the angle of projection and a clean entry. My God, some even talked to you about somersaults.

But right now you have bigger problems than the wasted time. You find yourself standing on a concrete surface — ten meters high — staring down at the pool below. It's going to hurt.

Let it be said to their credit — the ones you fortunately took on at the end, that is — that this is exactly what they had told you: “It might hurt.” Also, unlike some others, they didn't propose to train you from down below. Instead, they are right up here with you. Are they placing a calming hand on your shoulder? Of course not! Tell me, have you ever even been this high up before? If you have, you would know that the last thing you want is somebody touching you.

They start the countdown. Their tone is very confident, but all you notice is how quick the pace is. Not at all like you had thought it would be. But hey, they told you this as well. They said they had been doing this for years, and that it’s the same with everybody — a fear that keeps you rooted in place. So there is nothing left to do except take that first step.

“Wait,” you say out loud — or so you think, because your voice comes out sounding faint — “give me a minute to plan; to practice; to digest.” But they are already standing on either side of you, grabbing you.

Why are they pulling you? Isn't that against the rules? Okay, no more room for doubt, you have never been this high up before. Sometimes that first step has to be taken with people holding you. You make a run for it, then you take a leap, and the air enters your lungs with great force, and you start plunging with great speed, and the wind — although it's only ten meters after all — shrieks in your ears, and all your thoughts clear up, feet first, then stomach, chest and the head is already underwater.

You are a little above the bottom, and you take your time coming up for air. There is something in that moment, and you want it to linger. Why? It's hard to explain, one probably needs to take the plunge in order to understand exactly.

Keep diving, enjoy it. You will come up in a few moments and you will see that we are waiting for you above the water. Because, you know what? This was just the first step.